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How you spend both time and money reveals what you are prioritizing at any given moment in your life. Individual therapy is an investment in your quality of life. You face trade-offs constantly, with many options vying for your precious time and money. Most of us would be in shock if someone decided to stay at home after an accident and not get a broken leg fixed because other priorities for money and time won out. Unfortunately, I have witnessed many people chose to prioritize other things rather than working on making their life great. Your investment of both time and money in therapy will have both short term and long term benefits for your life.

 Play Therapy Sessions 60-minutes

My individual counseling scheduling and rates are based on 50-minute sessions plus a 10-minute parent meeting when working with minors.

Initially, weekly appointments are strongly encouraged. Research has found clients who have frequent contact with their counselor reach their goals more quickly, and experience longer lasting results.

Free 20-minute Consultation

Maybe you are on the fence right now whether you should get professional counseling? You don’t have to think through it all alone. Let’s talk now and find out if what is going on for you. Then you can make a more informed decision afterwards whether to start therapy.

Full First Session Half-Price

I tell all potential clients that it is important to work with someone you feel comfortable with, and who you can trust with your current struggles, relationships, confusions and pains. To ensure we are a match I offer a substantial discount on our first appointment. I charge just half my standard rate for our introductory full 60-minute session.

Select Reduced Rates for Individuals

I want to provide people who are struggling with as few hurdles as possible to getting the help they need. I want people to be able to get the support they need in their lives and relationships. Yet even if we are a great match I know some people will not be able to afford full payment. The full payment rate reflects the years of training and experience I bring to therapy work. For any of you who may be in such a situation, I’m happy to be accommodating and flexible. As an offering to clients in such temporary or long-term financial circumstances I reserve a quarter of my practice for reduced fee clients.

I know it can be hard for some people to ask for assistance, especially financially, so please hear that I hold no judgement for those seeking this support. I know how easy it is for unexpected expenses, under-employment, or unemployment to shake financial stability.

Please contact me now to find out what is currently available and what would will work for your budget.

Standard Rate for Individual Counseling

Begin working towards the life you want with my professional therapy support. Scheduling today you will be committing to a journey along a pathway to increased gentleness and clarity. Let’s work together on this journey for just $100 per 60-minute therapy session. By calling or emailing today we can plan our free 20-minute phone consultation and plan future work together. Email or call me now for an initial free 20-minute phone consultation.

Call Me for Referrals

After our first session if you decide we are not a match, or if you believe you can’t invest in yourself right now, let me encourage you to call me for a referral. I know many skillful professionals and training centers that may have openings and rates that work best for your situation. I want to be an agent for health and vibrancy in your life.

Let’s talk soon. Until then be well and choose kindness.

Email or call 720-722-4070