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Rates for Couples Counseling

How you spend both time and money reveals information about what you are prioritizing at any given moment in your life. Couples counseling is an investment in your relationship and yourself. You face trade-offs constantly, with many options everyday vying for your precious time and money. The choice is yours. Your investment of time, effort, and money in your relationship today will have both short term and long term benefits for you and your partner. You are buying a ticket to find out what is best for your relationship.

Couples Sessions 80-minutes

Couples counseling appointments with me are scheduled and priced based on 80-minute sessions. I find with two people in the room there is much to do and say to move towards increased relationship health. 80-minute sessions allow the opportunity to gain an understanding of your current patterns while also beginning to explore new ways of becoming Masters of relationship.

Weekly sessions are encouraged, especially as we begin our work. Research demonstrates that front-loading appointments in therapy with couples has benefits on reaching desired outcomes and goals.

Free 20-minute Consultation

Are you unsure if couples therapy is what you want or need right now? Call me, and let’s chat. I will offer you my professional input, and support you in making a decision that is nurturing to you and your relationship. When you decide to start we will schedule our first full session at half-price.

Full First Session Half-Price

I will share with you what I tell all clients: that it is important to work with someone you feel you can trust with your current struggles, pains and potential gridlock. To ensure we are a match I offer a substantial discount on our first appointment. I charge just half my standard rate for our introductory full session, and you can decide afterwards if you would like to commit to working together.

The first 80-minute session is offered at half-price as a way for you explore our work before you make a fuller time and financial investment in your own partnership. In a full 80-minutes, not only can we start our exploring your relationship story but we really begin working together on your relationship concerns and begin the process of assessing where you are as a couple.

Select Reduced Rates for Couples

My intention is to provide partners who are struggling with as few hurdles as possible to getting the help they need. Financial constraints, unexpected expenses, and other circumstances may require you to request a fee reduction. I’m happy to be accommodating and flexible. I reserve a quarter of my practice for reduced fee clients. Please contact me now to find out what is currently available and determine what will work for your budget.

Standard Rate for Couples Counseling

Begin working towards the relationship you want with my clinical support. Scheduling today will be a commitment to studying how to become like Masters of Relationship (reference another page where this is defined?). Let’s work together on this journey for just $145 per 80-minute therapy session. Email or call me now for an initial free 20-minute phone consultation.

Call Me for Referrals

After our first session if we are not a great match, or if you believe you can’t invest in your relationship right now, let me encourage you to ask me for a referral. I know many skillful professionals and training centers that may have openings and rates that work best for your situation. I want to be an agent for health and vibrancy in your relationship, and want to help you find the best person for you to work with.

Let’s talk soon. Until then be well and choose kindness.

Email or call 720-722-4070