Justin Bogardus – Psychotherapist

Justin Borgardus, MA, LPCC

Justin Borgardus, MA, LPCC

Specialized Skills:

  1. Dialectial Behavioral Therapy (DBT) Skills Trainer
  2. Strong Background in Mindfulness-Based Approaches to Psychotherapy
  3. Experienced working with women & men survivors of physical / sexual abuse

Let’s Explore Together

There are times in our lives when we all struggle and ask ourselves what will help. This is a courageous process, but often it does not feel that way. Seeking support can be a scary, and overwhelming prospect. Most of us consider counseling several times before actually choosing a counselor and beginning therapy. Justin is here to bring ease to this process – making counseling an approachable and effective means to living your life to the fullest. Justin has a simple and direct method of locating what works for you, while addressing core issues and concerns.
Justin brings his many years of training in meditation and psychology to facilitate healing and to establishing a lasting therapeutic alliance. Justin joins with you in discovering your authentic self, your sense of peace, meaning, connection with others, and joy in life free from judgment, shame, or overly critical thinking.