How Play Therapy Can Help Kids Make Sense of Flooding in Boulder County

Natural disasters can turn your whole world upside down. Generally unpredictable and unstoppable they can be a great stress for an adult to handle, yet alone a child or teenager.

People need a stable, predictable routine to feel safe, which is even more present in children and young adults, often who are yet to experience a traumatic event. Natural disasters such as the recent flooding upset the everyday routine, expose children to stress, the feeling of helplessness and a great misunderstanding over the future.

If you are unfortunate enough to experience a natural disaster, your first actions should be to ensure immediate needs such as food, shelter, warmth and contact are met. But after this many parents find their children struggle to make sense of the situation, sometime generation overwhelming emotions of vulnerability and powerlessness that can impact their understanding of the world as they know it. These can manifest in many forms from immediate upset to long term behavioural problems affecting their ability to develop to their full potential in later life.

Play Therapy for Kids & Adults

Children need our help and guidance to make sense of the world and the terrible events that can occur, not only to keep their development into happy, well rounded adults on track, but to create a solid family unit in which your bonds can thrive through any difficult time.

Drawing on my experience in experimental play therapy, emotional parent coaching and trauma training, I can help families with children or teenagers through traumatic experiences, ensuring a recovery from the inside out. Together, we can understand your family’s emotional needs and the best forms of therapies and coaching to ensure that the biggest disaster, isn’t the damage to your child’s future.