Your Relationship Can Be Great

Couples Counseling

Some partners appear to be Disasters of relationship while others Masters of relationship. Couples therapy with a professional trained therapist is a great way to tune-up your relationship. You can build a Sound Relationship House together with your partner.

Do You Wonder

  • Is my relationship healthy?
  • Is my marriage over?
  • Does he love me anymore?
  • What can I do she had an affair?
  • What am I doing wrong?
  • Is she’s overreacting?
  • Can I forgive him?
  • What happened to our sex life?

You can learn

  • To share fondness
  • To receive and give respect
  • Get your needs met while honoring differences
  • Reducing gridlocked conflicts
  • Increasing positive affective connection
  • To have intimacy and passion

Is Counseling Right for Us?

Please continue to look over this site for more information and then call for a free phone consultation.