Helping Children After Community Environmental Disaster


You and I both know that children need our help.

I’m writing to you from my office here in Boulder, CO. I’m a psychotherapist and president of the Colorado Group Psychotherapy Society.

I just wanted to ask you this quick question:

Are you prepared to emotionally recover from environmental disasters such flooding?

You may be prepared in a logistical sense, but I propose this may be a tough one to answer for your childrens sake. I want to sincerely ask you to consider the following..

After a child’s (and teens) immediate needs such as shelter, food, warmth, safety, etc. have been met, the brain is often left cluttered to sort an ‘internal mess’ of ideas and emotions.

On top of this, routine and predictability is a huge need to consider, because events like the one I just mentioned above can disrupt everything. These kind of situations push us past traditional understanding and emotional tolerance..

Not to mention, hopelessness and powerlessness can overwhelm children and their sense of safety and belonging will be compromised.

Too much uncertainty and chaos following any kind of disaster not only has immediate impacts, but long lasting ones as well. Impacts which you and I can help prevent by accelerating the process of recovery.

This is what I specialize in, as well as experiential play therapy, emotional-parent coaching, trauma training and more. But what does this mean for you, you ask?

I would like to offer you a free presentation at your school. There’s three major points I want to go over while I’m there..

1. I want to teach about the natural responses of our nervous systems when natural disasters take place..
2. I want to show you the skills necessary to support children’s emotional recovery
3. I want to help you identify symptoms of emotional overwhelming conditions.

If you’d like to have a better look into exactly what I do, then you may visit my website here:

Present Moment Counseling

I want to offer you this free presentation at your school because I sincerely want to help children in the best way that I possibly can, and given my skillset I believe this will be beneficial for everyone involved.

Please take a minute to consider my proposal, and give me a call at 720-722-4070 so we can have a quick chat about it.

I can tell you more about what I do, how I can help you, and how exactly this whole proposal would work.

Again, go ahead and give me a call at 720-722-4070 if you’re even slightly interested in this idea.