After Flooding Emotional Wake Continues – EMDR Can Help You Recover Faster

Natural disasters strike without any kind of warning. With them they most usually carry not only massive material damage – making the occurrence of such a costly affair on both a personal and global level. Another aspect of damage exists, it is that of the psychological trauma that being exposed to the violent outlets of nature brings along with it. Most commonly a victim of a natural disaster will be facing PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome) at some point in the period of time after the natural disaster. This is the same kind of psychological ailment that many soldiers suffer after returning from service in a warzone. The symptoms include but does not limit to: Depression, withdrawal, sudden aggression and amnesia.  For a person to handle Post Traumatic Stress Syndrom, professional help is strongly recommended – to ensure that the individual in this unpleasant situation will be able to return to a normal state of living within a foreseeable amount of time.

The treatments on offer in the field of treating Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome are many and diverse. Ranging from alternative, undocumented methods of treatment to state sponsored psychiatrist treatments – the results of the different treatment options range from non existent to outstanding.

EMDR Evidenced Based Approach

One of the most successful forms of treatment has proven to be the one called the “EMDR” treatment, short of “eye movement desensitization and reprocessing”. It is a treatment that takes place in several different phases – all of which are taking their starting points in the initial phase where the reasons for the psychological stress disorder of the patient is unveiled in a series of analysis session between patient and therapist. Once the key areas of the problem have been uncovered, the treatment itself can begin. A quite uncommon feature of this particular treatment is when compared to for instance traditional psychotherapy , that the patient does not necessarily have to face the painful memories in each session – this is absolutely the free choice of the patient.. The therapist will schedule an individual treatment plan for the patient based on the information.

A short description of the treatment itself can be a bit difficult to provide – and it is strongly advised to seek further information with the therapist to make sure all your questions are cleared before initiating the treatment. Nonetheless, here are a few of the key elements of the EMDR treatment for patients suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome:  A series of therapist guided eye movement exercises where the patterns of movement have been carefully planned by the therapist prior to the session the help the patient reach the point where the SUD Scale of the comes as close to zero as possible. The next phase is to focus on positive change in the mindset of the patient as opposed to focusing on the psychological trauma caused by for instance a natural disaster.

Studies have shown, that the EMDR treatment method is an incredibly efficient method in helping patients with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome regain control of their emotions and hence return to a normal standard of life.

How Play Therapy Can Help Kids Make Sense of Flooding in Boulder County

Natural disasters can turn your whole world upside down. Generally unpredictable and unstoppable they can be a great stress for an adult to handle, yet alone a child or teenager.

People need a stable, predictable routine to feel safe, which is even more present in children and young adults, often who are yet to experience a traumatic event. Natural disasters such as the recent flooding upset the everyday routine, expose children to stress, the feeling of helplessness and a great misunderstanding over the future.

If you are unfortunate enough to experience a natural disaster, your first actions should be to ensure immediate needs such as food, shelter, warmth and contact are met. But after this many parents find their children struggle to make sense of the situation, sometime generation overwhelming emotions of vulnerability and powerlessness that can impact their understanding of the world as they know it. These can manifest in many forms from immediate upset to long term behavioural problems affecting their ability to develop to their full potential in later life.

Play Therapy for Kids & Adults

Children need our help and guidance to make sense of the world and the terrible events that can occur, not only to keep their development into happy, well rounded adults on track, but to create a solid family unit in which your bonds can thrive through any difficult time.

Drawing on my experience in experimental play therapy, emotional parent coaching and trauma training, I can help families with children or teenagers through traumatic experiences, ensuring a recovery from the inside out. Together, we can understand your family’s emotional needs and the best forms of therapies and coaching to ensure that the biggest disaster, isn’t the damage to your child’s future.


Overcoming Disturbing Life Events & Trauma: a complimentary lecture at the Boulder Library July 18th

Overcoming Disturbing Life Events & Trauma

A complimentary lecture

Location: Boulder Library

Date: Thursday, July 18th

Time: 7pm – 830pm.


Don’t let your past interfere with the present any longer. Learn how to  become free from frozen emotional memories caused by traumatic  experiences.  EMDR is a highly researched and effective approach for  processing symptoms related to PTSD and other disturbing life events.

7 Principles of Relationship Success: a complimentary lecture at the Boulder Library June 6th

7 Principles of Relationship Success

a complimentary lecture

Location: Boulder Library

Date: Thursday, June 6th

Time: 7pm – 830pm.


Learn from Dr. John Gottman’s extensive couples and marriage research about what he calls the “7-Principles for Making Marriage Work.” We will discuss proven and effective means to sustain friendship, learn constructive conflict, and build shared meaning.

Helping Your Child Succeed: A Complimentary Parenting Lecture at Boulder Library May 16th

Helping Your Child Succeed

A Complimentary Parenting Lecture

Location: Boulder Library

Date: Thursday, May 16th

Time: 7pm – 830pm.

Research continues to demonstrate that both emotional and cognitive skills are necessary for success. You can learn to parent a “Whole-Brained Child.” Together we will discuss how neuroscience can support your parenting a resourceful and empowered child.