My View of Therapy

Fully Human

I see counseling work as a time to meet people as they are with all their triumphs and challenges. In this meeting place, a relationship is shared and something new is created.

Uniquely Equal

I like the view that Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) brings to counseling relationships. That is, counseling work is a work between two equal human beings. Yes, I have specialized training in various approaches to being in a relationship with ourselves, and with others. And it is also true that whomever I am sitting with for a session has their own strengths, which they bring to the work we are journeying together onward towards.

Not My First Rodeo

I have been working as an accompaniment to peoples’ unique journeys in various forms for years. Working with women and men in a housing project for the homeless, I have empathized with their difficult experiences of many kinds: physical limitations, biological-brain chemical imbalances, family cutoffs and deep emotional pain. In this work, I found a grace that occurs when two humans arrive authentically and make contact. I have worked with men on parole and probation in an intensive inpatient and outpatient center. There I continued to relish how fostering genuine connection and unconditional understanding between people is a way toward health and healing communication.

Current Work

Now I work with individuals, couples, and groups. To accompany you or both your partner and you involves deep listening. I want to understand and accept all the struggles and pains you bring into each session. Then, with years of education and skills training, I can offer insights and provide you with options for new possibilities. I walk alongside of you and help you flourish.

You will flourish. I believe and continue to experience the abundance from transformation and renewal that being fully seen and understood by a gentle and caring presence can bring to one’s own journey towards deeper healing. I look forward to offering you this kind of relationship so you too might begin to fully express an empowered life.