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Whether you are visiting for this site for the first time or reviewing it again, thank you for visiting Present Moment Counseling. We have built a practice focused on relationships. We work with individuals or couples who want or need help to find their way.

You Can Achieve

Finding ways to meet life’s ups and downs with resilience
Developing sustainable relationships
Discover tools and approaches to respect your needs and others’
Learning to fully experience emotions
Add vibrancy and color into everyday life while uncovering your inner wisdom
Cultivating harmony
Examine ways to work with your life as it comes
Uncovering meaning
Reflect and direct your attention on your deepest values
Pursuing bliss
Release your joy potential

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We look forward to connecting with you so we can begin working together.


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We are registered psychotherapist in Colorado.  We see clients at  Boulder. If you don’t find what you are looking for from visiting this site, please call.  We will be happy to clarify any questions you might have about my work. Until then, be well and choose patience.